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Pneumatic Nailers

Nailers, finish nailers and staplers for every job

In the left-hand menu you will find a wide range of professional nailers categorised according to type and field of application. Under each nailer you will find information on use, accessories, manuals and the fasteners that can be used with it. Choose between the various options in the menu to the left.

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Gas Nailers

TJEP gas-powered nailers (Cordless Nailers) are based on gas technology and particularly for the professional user who wants great power and maximum freedom of movement. Forget all about compressors, hoses and heavy accu systems.

You will find gas nailers under the different categories in the left-hand menu. Product specifications, fasteners and accessories such as fuel cells and batteries with charger are found under each individual gun.

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High Pressure

In 2014 we are introducing TJEP High Pressure products with high-pressure compressors and nailers.


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Complete range of nails, finish nails and staples for the TJEP Nailers, but also for many other well-known brands such as Paslode, Duo-Fast, Senco and Max.

First you find the right fastener (nail, finish nail or staple), and by selecting “will fit” you get a list of the guns that may be used for the task.



Re-bar Tiers

Our popular re-bar tying machine for fast and efficient binding of rebar and underfloor heating pipes. Saves time and helps to an ergonomically correct working position

The battery-powered machine ensures high mobility and is also very reliable and user-friendly.

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TJEP is de naam van een breed scala aan bevestigingsartikelen. Een compleet programma van framingnailers, ankernailers, coilnailers, bradnailers, finish nailers, nietmachines en nog veel meer voor de professionele vakman.