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MAKITA AN510H HP coil nailer

MAKITA AN510H HP coil nailer
Artikel nr. 100193
EAN nr. 0088381079747
Type High Pressure nailer
Afmeting (L×B×H) 260 × 111 × 255 mm
Gewicht 1.4 kg
Lengte 25 - 50 mm
Diameter 1.8 - 2.1 mm
Hoek 15°
Gevelpanelen, Metal , Fascia boars - wood, Boeidelen

We have taken over the distribution of selected MAKITA high pressurre tools and can now present a complete high pressure product range.

Generally, High Pressure distinguishes itself by the combination of high impact and lightweight compact tools. High Pressure allows the nail guns to be smaller, making them considerably lighter than conventional compressed air guns. This reduces the load on your body and thereby improves your daily work.

The high constant air pressure, allows you to use a long hose without any pressure loss making sure you never run out of air – not even when the last nail is shot.

TJEP High Pressure are, above all, effective tools making the job easier due to their compact size, while contributing to a better working environment TJEP High Pressure nailers are characterized by the well-known high TJEP quality, ensuring the craftsman hassle-free operation.

High Pressure coil nailer is perfect for mounting facing, wooden frames, eaves board etc.

Key product features

  • Single shot / bump fire
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Rubber handle
  • Adjustable air exhaust
  • No-mark nose
  • Plastic protection cap
Artikel nr.ProductFinish
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