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Artikel nr. 124000
EAN nr. 5702551240007
Afmeting (L×B×H) 297 × 109 × 300 mm
Gewicht 2.6 kg
Werkbare dikte 12 - 40 mm
Lengte 100 mm
Diameter 0.8 mm

Increase efficiency with

TJEP EP-40 re-bar binder increases your efficiency significantly compared to the physically demanding, monotonous and time-consuming work of manual tying.

TJEP EP-40 is a further development of our previous re-bar binders and the know-how we over time have gained has been incorporated into the new EP-40 binder, which sets new standards in tying speed and quality.

  • The newly developed nose and handle design optimises access to the point you want to tie.
  • The powerful 18V 4Ah Li-ion slide-in battery ensures long operating time.
  • The brushless motors ensure faster and efficient tying, with only 0.6–0.8 s per tie– making you more efficient on the job.
  • The tight and uniform tying ensures the work can be executed without interruptions.

In other words, the TJEP EP-40 is your guarantee for the market’s best overall budget when it comes to tying reinforcement rods or similar items.

Key product features

  • 18V brushless motors
  • Sealed gearbox for extra power
  • Longer and narrower handle for better ergonomics
  • 18V 4Ah Li-ion slide-in battery
  • Faster and tighter ties
  • Optimised and robust design ensures easy access to the item and long life.
  • Approx. 4000–5000 ties per charge
  • Supplied with two Li-ion batteries, charger and two coils of wire in a robust plastic case.
  • Connector for electronic extension
Artikel nr.ProductFinish
124150 TJEP EP WIRE, 0.8 mm
124151 TJEP EP WIRE, 0.8 mm

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Bevestigingsmiddelen voor elke opdracht Alle soorten nagels, brads en nietjes - ook voor Paslode Duo-Fast tackers - zijn nu beschikbaar onder de TJEP merk. De kwaliteit is hoog, de bevestigers voldoen aan alle eisen en normen en de prijzen zijn zeer concurrerend .