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Nailers and Re-bar tiers
TJEP nailers and MAX Re-bar tiers are made of first-grade materials and under strict control in order to ensure many years of trouble-free use. Only fasteners (nails, finish nails and staples) and tie wire with the specifications that have been laid down for the individual gun must be used.

The warranty liability of KYOCERA UNIMERCO Fastening does not cover instances where

  • the tool has been overloaded
  • the tool has been badly maintained
  • fasteners have been used that do not live up to the specifications laid down for the individual tool

Return freight, environment and cleaning costs

When the nailers are received at the KYOCERA UNIMERCO Fastening repair shop, they are separated, cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner and special fluid, before the actual repair is started. For this cleaning and for the cleaning fluid and lubricants used during the repair job, there is an environmental charge of DKK 164.00 per pneumatic nailer and DKK 285.00 per gas nailer. These amounts also cover return freight for serviced tools, which are consequently returned without freight charge. A very large proportion of the gas-powered guns sent in for repair have no mechanical defects – they only need thorough cleaning, which can be done by the user. Since lack of lubrication or wrong lubrication are often the reason why compressed-air-powered guns break down, a free bottle of acid-free nailer oil is supplied with every compressed-air-powered gun returned.

KYOCERA UNIMERCO Fastening nailers and Re-bar tiers
Nailers, Re-bar tiers etc. in need of repair should be returned to the dealer or sent in, freight paid, to:

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Meer dan 45 jaar ervaring TJEP is geen nieuw merk - integendeel ! Reeds 45 jaar staat de naam TJEP synoniem voor hoge kwaliteit en goede service. Uiteraard houden we deze standaard hoog, nu en in de toekomst.