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Large selection of professional compressors


TJEP offers a wide range of professional compressed air compressors. You will find both small portable compressors that are ideal for finish nailers etc. and large powerful compressors that pull up to several nail guns at the same time.

If you are looking for a quiet compressor, take a look at our SILENT-SERIES, which has a noise level as low as 56 dB.

TJEP 4/5-2 Silent compressorTJEP 4/5-2 Silent compressor
Artikel nr. 123054
EAN nr. 5702551230541
TJEP 8/10-2 Silent compressorTJEP 8/10-2 Silent compressor
Artikel nr. 123056
EAN nr. 5702551230565
TJEP 17/15-2 Silent compressorTJEP 17/15-2 Silent compressor
Artikel nr. 123060
EAN nr. 5702551230602
TJEP 24/30-2 compressorTJEP 24/30-2 compressor
Artikel nr. 123068
EAN nr. 5702551230688
TJEP 24/30-4 Silent compressorTJEP 24/30-4 Silent compressor
Artikel nr. 123064
EAN nr. 5702551230640
TJEP 50/30-4 Silent compressorTJEP 50/30-4 Silent compressor
Artikel nr. 123066
EAN nr. 5702551230664
TJEP is de naam van een breed scala aan bevestigingsartikelen. Een compleet programma van framingnailers, ankernailers, coilnailers, bradnailers, finish nailers, nietmachines en nog veel meer voor de professionele vakman.